Sunday, 28 February 2010

1 Day Post Blast Transfer

... 10 more sleeps until "Official Test Day!!" - hang in there Lucky!!

Pessaries? Check!
Aspirin? Check!
Pineapple Juice? Check!
Clexane Injection? Check!
Brazil Nuts? Check!
Prenatal Vits? Check!

Yikes.... alarms going off at 0700 for the injection and then 0900 for the pessaries. All good for when i'm working, but not great on a Sunday. Plus Dan and I was up late watching a film and having a natter.

Had a relaxing day at home on my sofa. Watched some TV, spoke to my Nan, fell asleep, read a few chapters of my book, made a sandwich, back to sleep, then started dinner before Dan got back from work. So pretty lazy arse day really!!


  • Sore huge boobs - They are ultra ultra sensitive. There is only one bra that fits.. and thats size 32F. Nipples are like bullets (sorry for the TMI) only way I can describe them!!

  • Trapped Wind - Had to stay up later than I wanted as I had awful trapped wind. I hardly EVER burp, but its been non stop. Went on for hours.. had a few cups of peppermint tea which has helped it come up. Not completely settled so will see how it goes.

**PANIC**: Had an awful sharp AF type pain, it really hurt!! Haven't read into whats normal during the 2ww and whats not... so it came at a huge surprise. I was so upset... as i know my AF cycle is 25 day cycle opposed to the average 28-31 day cycle, so guessed my AF arrive earlier than expected!! Lovely ladies on twitter said that they had experienced the same thing.. so hopefully i'm normal, and Lucky is okay in there!!

Lucky, I do hope you're nice and snug in your new home. Daddy has been looking into furniture for your nursery... and I'm trying to persuade him into getting a Bugaboo pram... hopefully we will get the chance to buy you these things over the coming months. Love you so much... x x x

Saturday, 27 February 2010

My Perfect Blast - PUPO!!

At 0800 we got a call from the embryologist saying that they had a cancellation and the embryo's were doing excellent so Dr Hopkinson wants they put back as soon as possible.

Rather than the transfer at 1230, we were scheduled for 1030. I was adamant that we would get there early this time. I have a pet peeve about being late (we were late for the egg collection).

Dan drove to Nurture and we arrived in good time. As we walked down to Nurture I said to Dan that this would be the last time we will be coming here. He replied that the next time we come here it will be bring them a bunch of flowers or a picture of the baby for there hall of fame...

I had some time to listen to Zita West on the iPhone - THANKFULLY we were the only ones in the reception area, so I didn't get any strange looks with my hands doing a heart shape around my tummy, eyes close and slow deep breathing...

A nurse came to reception to collect us and take us through to the theatre area

Went to our recovery bed and got dressed for egg transfer

Took my phone in so we could get a picture of our little embaby, and gave the phone to Dan to take the picture.

They keep saying how perfect the blast was... i knew that already :) It was lovely seeing it. Was told out the 13/12 eggs that were fertilised. 5 were best quality. The embryologist choose this embryo as it was developed and started hatching.. Had tons of cells all around it, and could see where the foetus would start to develop.. our little blessing!! 4 of the other embryo's will be frozen for future use. Out of the 5 embryo's 4 were IVF (including the one being put back) and only 1 was ICSI.

The process was similar to smear test and painless. The worse of it was the fact you needed a full bladder... so with all the pressure on my tummy to view my uterus, I clinched my toes together hoping that I don't pee on the Consultant!!

It was an experience I would never forgot, especially when I saw the blast inside of me like a little white blob... a cute blob of course!!

Went back to the recovery room to have a lay down and cup of tea. After 10-15 minutes i couldn't resist having a wee. The consultant said that laying down after the transfer and not peeing for an hour was all wives tales, and I will be fine.. Whether i believed in it out not, I was desperate for the loo... and couldn't hold it in!!

Asked Dan to see the picture of blast... and he said he didn't take it, because he wasn't sure if you could .... Not happy, but never mind.. its not an image i will ever forgot!

Back home, sleepy and resting on the sofa... thinking about my perfect little blast..

I'm offically PUPO - Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

We will be testing on 10th March 2010... now the wait and symptom spotting begins!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Call - Day 3 Embryo Update

God, it seemed as though we waited for ages for this call. But I can now say, it was well worth the wait!!

Sophie (our embryologist) called about 1315 and recapped that we had 13 eggs collected. She then said she was pleased to tell us they are all doing excellently. 12 have divided as they should for day 3, and they're is one that is a day behind..

I do hope the little one keeps up, I'm so protective over all of them.. It must be the hormones, but its as though its my little embaby.. hope he's okay.

I literally jumped for joy after the call and hurt my tummy. So going to lie back down now. May listen to some Zita West and prepare for Saturday!!

Oh, nearly forgot!! Egg transfer is booked for 1230 on Saturday but they want us there at 1200. Got to take my cyclogest at 0800 so its absorbed by the time of egg transfer.

Soo pleased with Nurture, other than the side effects of the drugs (!!!), things couldn't be any better. I'm a very happy and blessed bunny

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Resting & Waiting

Enjoying time at home on sofa relaxing. I've got a tender sore tummy not in any pain though. Been thinking about the embies and how well they are dividing and growing loads... its the first thing i think of in the morning!!

Won't get a call from Nurture until Thursday afternoon as they want to leave them undisturbed. I'm sure they are in good hands... they better be!! Can't wait for Saturday to see which one survived and have it back inside me

Not sleeping very well. Last night i woke at 0100 then 0300 then Dan's usual alarm for work went at 0440!! I keep needing to go pee ALL the time! So today I am aiming to finish drinking my water and milk by 5pm and hopefully it will be out of system for a good nights sleep!

Thought I was feeling better this morning, so I started doing some washing, washing up and baked some lovely chocolate muffin with banana's and chopped Brazil nuts - they were absolutely delicious.. I eat 9 of them already - pig or what!! Anyway I think I slightly over did it and started getting some pains, so I decided to go back on the sofa and get some sleep.

Started my pessaries today. Opted for the back passage which went fine. But as soon as it was inside I keep having this need to pass wind...

Going to listen to Zita West and Hypnotherapy & Relaxation For Fertility & Conception which I've put on my iPhone and will relax to this evening.

Looking forward to the call from Nurture tomorrow afternoon... thinking of your embies

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Call - Fertilisation!!!

Got a call from the embryologist at 0810. Thank God they didn't have me waiting till 10

We had 21 eggs collected yesterday and choose to have a 11 ICSI and 10 IVF split.

Well of the 10 IVF 8 fertilised

Of the 11 ICSI only 6 eggs were suitable and 5 fertilised!

TOTAL 13 fertilised
Smiley Smiley

They will leave them until Thursday, so will get a call on Thursday with an update on how well they are doing. They are planning on taking them to blast, so will be booked in on Saturday for ET.

Start the pessaries twice a day tomorrow - ummm, front passage or back, decisions decisions!!

To say I'm happy is an understatement. Just praying they continue to develop well
Smiley Smiley Smiley

Monday, 22 February 2010

Egg Collection Day

We were booked in for egg collection at 0900, but there was more traffic then we anticipated, so we didn't arrive until 0920. Oops!!

Went into the reception area and a nurse arrived with our notes (clearly waiting for us!). Gave us some blue shoe covers - oh so sexy!!
Went through the theatre area and Dan was given his container to do his business Smiley and I followed the nurse to the recovery room.

Over the next 20 or so minutes, I had seen what seemed like 101 people, consultant, nurses, embryologists, anaesthetist... All very nice, and explained what they were doing.

Got unchanged and got into my hospital gown, put my hair cap on and theatre clogs on. Nurse weighed me... all this healthy eating has done some good and I've lost a few pounds! Quickly called my nan to let her know I was about to go under and to start praying everything will be okay, please lets have some lovely eggs of good quality!!
Smiley When does this rollercoaster end?

Was told I would have sedation, I presumed I would have general anaesthetic.. so that came as a little surprise! Hope he knows what he's doing, was having all sorts of thoughts of waking up during the procedure.

Dan was told to get a coffee
Smiley and wait back in the reception area, and off I plodded to the theatre bed.

Ugh, i hate that injection in the hand
Smiley always hurts so much! As soon as Mr. Anaesthetist injected the solution into my arm I dropped off to sleep... immediately, it was even half way and I was knocked out.

Came around less than half an hour later, but could barely talk. I was alert but no words would come out. Asked Dan to call my nan and let her know I was okay.. I know she would praying loads and worrying.

Dan brought me some strawberry ribena's (my fave drink, easily pleased kind of girl!) so I started downing some of those. All my kept asking him, was how many eggs, how many eggs... Every time I heard the door go, i thought it was for us, but they went to speak to the couple next to us... Finally the nurse came back and I got Dan to ask her. She returned to tell us we had 21 eggs - Thank God!! I really pray they are off good quality.

The embryologist came to see us. Dan's sperm sample was great (mobility and count) but we opted for 11 ICSI and 10 IVF. I don't think I would sleep at night, just having them fertilise by themselves, don't think I can trust them!! ICSI was in our NHS package and just think it kind of gives a little bit of security.

Was very drowsy but felt fine otherwise, so we went home to recover.

Pray that we have lots of 2 cell embryo's in the morning.

Dreaded call will be between 0800 - 1000. Until then, let hope and pray that we have lots of healthy embryo's.

Day Before Egg Collection - Lady Hen "I Want To Lay These Eggs!!"

Wow, didn't think this day would ever come!! I did not enjoy these drugs at all. Think to start with it was bearable, but this last week has been awful. So exhausted, tired, snappy, bloated, sore... and the lists goes on!!

Thank God its the last day of work, think working 4 late shifts till 2200 hasn't helped!! Was out on patrol, when I came over all hot, flustered, sick and started shaking
Smiley Being 1800hours on a Sunday most shops were closed, and the closest shop I could see was a Domino's. Literally ran in there and ordered something to eat. Thought I was really going to faint. Got back to work, and then I needed to go toilet.. typically the one closest loo to me was out of order!! So I had a hurry downstairs and (TMI warning) had the shits Smiley Don't know where this has come from, as I've been feeling fine in myself (other than the drugs).

Scoffed the pizza down me
Smiley drank a litre of water and laid on the sofa in the canteen to try and rest up abit. I think its nerves about tomorrow

Although I had spoken to my manager about having an operation on the Monday (just said it was gynea related!) i hadn't put in my annual leave. So I went down to do that, and it was like a huge relief lifted off my shoulders to know I had 2 weeks off work sorted.

Didn't have a great nights sleep. Woke at 3am, started drinking another litre of water
Smiley had a hot water bottle on my sore tummy. I really don't think I could last another day with my tummy like this. Soooo ready to lie these eggs now! Lied on the sofa and watched Rumour Has It which I had Sky+ the night before.... then I dosed off to sleep again Smiley
Alarm went at 0700 and I packed my little bag with spare underwear, santary towels, magazine, books etc. Had a nice relaxing bath
Smiley and headed off to the clinic. The car during to Nurture was awful. I was in so much pain, I put back the car seat to ease the pain and cried my heart out. The pain was so unbearable .... I WANT THESE EGGS OUT!!!!!

Last Scan - Day 9 Stimulation Gonal F - Trigger Shot

Is it possible to start getting use to the early morning scans?? Well I am now, my body has no energy what so ever, feel like a walking zombie!!

Was quite surprised that my clinic did Saturday scans, and there was a fair few couples there aswell. Dan attended this scan with me, which was nice as it was the last scan - yikes!!

Had my bloods taken, and was given leaflets about the final trigger injection and preparing for EC, then went around for our scan. There was only one person doing the scans, so we had a little wait but it was fine.

Started with the womb lining, then the left ovary, which was fine. But then as she moved the dildocam over to the right ovary... i was in sooo much pain, tears started running down my cheeks. It was okay once the dildocam was positioned over there, but initially moving it to the right caused so much agony!!

Usually there is the scan person (sorry don't know the technical name!!) and a nurse.. So the scan lady would shout of the sizes of the follicles and the nurse would be writting away, and reassuring us. Well this didn't happen with only one person, she obviously had to do all the work herself, and when we asked 'How many follicles do we have', she replied 'Yeah, everything is fine'. DH mimed to me ask again... i did but this time she just ignored me...

We left the room with our notes to give back to the receptionist. At this point we had a look at our scan results

Right Ovary - 24mm, 19mm, 19mm, 19mm, 18mm, 18mm, 18mm, 17mm, 15mm, 14mm, 14mm, 13mm and 12mm
Left Ovary - 16mm, 16mm, 15mm, 13mm, 13mm, 11mm, 10mm, 10mm, 10mm and 9mm

Whoop 23 follicles...
Smiley thats lots of lovely juicy eggs for us!!
Womb lining 16mm

Somewhat forgot I was awaiting a call from Nuture, so when the nurse called I was at work, and had to quickly scrable for a pen!! Why is it whenever you need a pen, you never can find one!!

Anyway, I was told:
EC will be on Monday at 0930
Take my last sniff at 1930
No more gonal-f instead I will have my trigger shot at 2130

The night before EC I won't be able to eat after midnight, and no drinking after 0630 on the morning of EC
Phew... alot to take in, but i got there in the end!!

Then I realised i didn't have my trigger shot at work with, thankfully Dan was still at home, so he brought it to work for me. Ripped of my details off the box (noisy parkers at work), and put it to the back of my work fridge hiding behind my dinner!

Was panicked about doing the trigger shot, and Dan had done a majority of the injections and I had to do this one by myself!

Hid myself in the ladies changing room with my antispetic wipe and injection - thankfully it was so easy, and didn't hurt at all. I didn't even realise it went in!

Looking forward to a drug free day tomorrow

Day 6 Stimulation - Gonal f

Today was a huge struggle!! I was absolutely knackered to say the least
Smiley Got to Nurture for another early 7:30 scan, with the nurse saying 'You look absolutely shattered' and I couldn't disagree or take any offence to what she was saying, because I felt like crap!! Ugh, these drugs!!

Right Ovary - 16mm, 15mm, 14mm, 13mm, 12mm, 11mm, 11mm 9mm 7mm 7mm
Left Ovary - 13mm, 11mm 10mm, 7mm, 5mm

Can't believe that one of these follicles are going to be the start of our baby!!

E2 5431
Womb Lining 15.6mm

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day 4 Stimulation Scan - Gonal-f

Early morning start at Nurture for a 7:30 scan. Dan attended with me which was good for a bit of support.

Was so excited to find out what exactly what was happening inside there...

Right Ovary - 14mm 12mm 11mm 10mm 9mm plus a load of tiny ones that won't measureable
Left - 10mm 10mm 8mm and 7mm

Womb lining of 11mm

E2 2140 - whatever that means!!

Was told to wait for a call at lunchtime. Well they called at 1220 the last time so as you do, you sit around waiting for the call
Smiley and typically they don't call on (your) time!!

Was about to go into the cinemas so I called
Smiley before we got seated and found out they had spoken to the doctor and was happy with the progress and bloods. They wanted me to continue with the sniffing of Synarel and my 150iu Gonal-f injections. Whoop whoopp... everything seems okay.

9 follicles... well don't want to be greedy but i want to get into the 'teens' before EC

Anywho.... back to the injections, and the next scan will be at day 6

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Stimulation Time!

After the go-ahead from the nurse, we will be using Gonal-f 150iu injections in the evening. Opted for 10:20pm as it works best with my work shifts!
Felt pretty confident about doing it, had the demo with the nurse this morning and watched about 3 videos on youtube so thought it would be easy enough. Well, that wasn't the case... ha!! First of all I primed the injection with the wrong level 75iu rather than 35iu - doh!! What a twat!
Standing in the kitchen with Dan watching... tummy pinched, injection in the other hand - but I just couldn't do it! Smiley
- Palms started sweating, so decided to wash my hands and start again
- Needed to go toilet
- I'll have my treat 'Percy Pig' before the injection
- and tons of nervous laughter between me and Dan
... anything to spare me a few extra minutes!
Anyway, about 15mins later I go in for the kill... for some unknown reason I jab, but then decide to pull the needle back out ... idiot I know! Immediately, I thought 'Oh sh!t' and went back in again... click click click click and done!!
All of a sudden I had a sharp sting that only lasted 5seconds, and a cuddle with Dan and another Percy Pig later that was it..... Round One done!!
Opted to do this in turns with Dan, as I have to get use to the injections at some point... but it helps him feel involved. So its his turn tonight... I held my flab (no other way of putting it!), and Dan did the injection.. counted for 5secs after the clicks and that was it! No sting tonight.... I was so proud of him... think he was proud of himself Smiley
Woke up this morning with the mother of all headaches!! Smiley Side-effects kicking in already?? Didn't think I would have this side-effect as I never really suffer from headaches at all!! Well no such luck. Stayed in bed until 1pm, in and out of sleep - drinking lots of milk and water Smiley trying to flush my system without the need of taking a Nurofen. It worked... thank God!
Dan did such a good job yesterday with the injection that I asked if he could do it today... It just seems wrong to inject yourself...!
Its getting a lot better now, we aren't faffing about with nerves as much. So it went well.. still having my treat before the injection but never mind!! Only problem today was Dan pulled the needle out at an angle - ouch!! Bless him, he kept apologising, and kissing my tummy better, said he'll do it better next time (He better). Downed another bottle of water and glass of milk before bed... please no headaches in the morning!! Got some awful wind, Smiley poor Dan in the bed last night.. lol. Think i need some peppermint tea
No headache this morning - success!! Felt twinges with my right ovary; talk about symptom spotting!! ha! Can't wait for scan tomorrow - get to see what these little eggies are doing :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Baseline Scan - Day ... Injection Demo

Arrived at the hospital at 7:20, grabbed a Mocha coffee Smiley (well it was a treat plus I needed an energy boost especially at that time of the day). Walked around to the clinic and there was 5 other couples sitting in the reception. Sat down, looked around a little lost... what was I meant to do... was there a ticket system that i missed... had they booked in somewhere else...!! Smiley

Asked the lady in front of me, what am I supposed to do, do we just wait here... why does your voice sound so croaky when the room is silent - ugh??! She said we all wait then go up in the order we arrived when the receptionist has got here at 7:30... well that makes sense.....

7:30 the receptionist arrives and everyone steams towards her 'hut' to collect the notes and was given a number... 'OK, so what do I do now??'
Smiley ... She collars the couple who were in front of me and says just follow them, they know where their going...

Oh great I'm a tag along now.. Why do I feel like a lost sheep - cringe!!

Get around to the other reception room and start reading my book and finishing the last of my coffee... savoring every last drop - I'm going to miss you Mocha :(

Pink 3..? Yea, that's me...!! Followed the lady into the room and get asked to take everything from waist down off and lie on the bed.

Please please please
Smiley say I've down regulated:
Left ovary looks good, nice amount of follicles. Now we'll look at the right, what a pretty little ovary and lots of follicles still. We'll be needing you to drink lots of water to prevent OHSS and you'll be back for regular scan. All the follicles are all nice and small so that's great. You're lining is 4mm we like it below 6mm, so it looks like you've down regulated

I get my own monitor to look at... but don't have a clue what I'm looking at, who am I kidding?!! I suppose they got all that information from this:.... basically I've down reg'd


Pop of the bed and got ready for my bloods... The nurse then mentions that she'll repeat my iron levels as I've previously have problems with them - at this point my heart skipped a beat, seriously it skipped a beat!! It was so obvious that I didn't want to do it, I was giving excuses after excuses but she took it anyway
Smiley ... Get told I will get a call around lunchtime with the results... At this point I wasn't thinking about the down reg results, my mind was just on these blinking iron levels!! Great, iron levels will low as I've a period... and still currently bleeding!!

Back to the reception with my notes awaiting for my injection demo... Whoop whoop... why am I so excited about injections
Smiley Strange woman I know..

Another nurse leads me to a room but gets called out immediately and on top of the notes folder I see Dan's SEMEN FLUID ANALYSIS... Huh, the results they couldn't find the at the last appointment, but as it was only a repeat as the other result was a year old the nurse and Dan wasn't that bothered that the results were lost.. Plus the nurse said we are funded for IVF and/or ICSI if need be, so the most of important results will be the sample from the day of egg collection.

Well the diagnosis section states: recommended IVF AND ICSI bold and clear ...
Smiley WTF.. OMG, whats wrong now... I don't understand anything on the sheet... what is asthenozoospermia, poor progressive motility, borderline sperm morphology and 101 percentages and figures, so I grab my phone and take a picture of the letter and move the folder back to the position the nurses left it, just as she walks back into the room... Smiley

Far too confused to ask any questions... feel quite naughty in seeing my own records!!

Anyway... focus Boo focus - onto Gonal f now!! Nurse explained that I have to do, was given a needles box and information leaflet.... and off I go, in a pretty good mood, seemed relatively easy - just gently jab it into my tummy ... easy enough right??

12:20 Witheld number - Yea, i've offically down regulated!! No mention of the iron levels, and I sure ain't asking!! Back on Monday for a scan, so pleased that Dan can come as well... didn't like going be myself

Now it's me, Dan and Gonal today, easy right??

Ummm.... will see tonight!!