Monday, 27 August 2012

Tired - Natural FET Diary CD3

The chronic AF pains are dying down so we enjoyed a day as a family at Sandown Adventureland :) It was lovely but extremely tiring! We are all knackered. Dan went upstairs to put Lucky to bed, but somehow Dans fallen asleep and I can hear Lucky kicking his cot - delightful lol

Seeing other families with 3 & 4 children today started Dan on the "should we put 2 back in?" rant... Umm.. I don't think we'll make up our mind until ET day!

Pic of the day: lucky throwing some change into a wishing well. Hoping & praying for a sibling

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Natural FET Diary CD1 - Hello Aunty Flow!

Well after a few days late.. She arrived :)

With it being a Saturday and Bank Holiday weekend, I can't call Nurture till Tuesday.

Hope they can fit me in this cycle!

Friday, 24 August 2012

What should be my OTD!

...But it isn't *humpf*

AF hasn't arrived which should be filling me with joy... But as I didn't get to ET, I'm just blinking well pissed off.


I'm sure she'll arrive tomorrow.

But that means my ET & 2WW don't fall very well for me having time off during ET & 2WW.. Dan's delightful response was "Why don't you both go to London?" oh yea, of course I'll have ET and jump on the 2.5hr train journey with the worlds heaviest pram & 2x cases, toys, and entertain a toddler... Sounds like a wonderful relaxing 2WW, whilst you come home to an peaceful house and enjoy your rest day lazing at your mums...
....And that response doesn't answer how I'm going to entertain Lucky, during ET and whilst I relax after in the recovery room... FFS! He changes the month of FET, but I've got to pick up the pieces! Mr I-don't-have-annualleave-left! *SCREAM*

Ok, quite clearly AF is going to be banging on the door in the morning :-/


Lucky enjoyed a morning a soft play today :) Clearly knackered him out as he slept for nearly 3hrs when we got home!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

I'm ovulating :(

...I've spent the last week drinking and eating rubbish - basically feeling sorry for myself!

Me & Dan have talked.. And to be honest, I don't know what the big deal was?! Yes there was an issue that needed discussing, but it seemed all a bit melodramatic!

I've gone through every emotion possible this week.. Mainly resentful, angry & annoyed.. But I am getting to the point I'm thinking "Ok, the cycles cancelled, everything happens for a reason!" I was so unbelievably stressed out with work, so maybe that would have hindered my chances of getting a bfp (trying to positive!)

Dan does want me to start FET at the next cycle..

I'm so annoyed, I wish I could tell him to stuff it! But I do want a sibling for Lucky, moreso than anything!

Maybe I'll take this next FET in my stride, no blogging, no forums, no focus on it.. Just see how it goes?! Ha! Yea right, lol

Pic: lucky awaiting Thomas the Tanks arrival!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

FET Cancelled - Again!

Afraid this blog & FET has finished before it even started.

Family life isn't what Dan wants apparently :-/

Babydust to all my readers.. Hope you all get that BFP soon xx

Pic: enjoying a much needed glass of wine!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Natural FET Diary CD5

Was super stressed out.. Dan took the car (with our wellies & pram raincover in the boot!) and was away today at the olympics with his friends. It was forecasted to rain from 11am and there's no way I can cope with staying indoors with lucky ...all day!!! Typically, it's now 20:30 and not a drop of rain!! Humpf..

We had fun at playgroup this morning then popped to Sainsburys for a Tom & Jerry cake mixture. On the walk home, it was still dry so we stopped at the park. Lucky has this obsession with feeding ducks stones.. Basically he collects little stones and throws them in the lake.. As you do :)

When I got home, I got an email response regarding the acupuncture.. I'm seriously thinking I'll do it?! I just think, I need something extra?? I don't know if my womb lining has ever been looked at during the 2ww? I think I'll enjoy the relaxation.. Just laying down for 45mins sounds good.. I'd play some zita west in the background, relax & focus! Sounds good to me!
She's charging £50 for the consultation then £38 each session after.. Not super cheap, but not as expensive as the other company I looked at (£93 for ET acupuncture!) ..then again, it worked last time without acupuncture.. I've read so many stories were they couldn't afford acupuncture and that cycle worked - so it doesn't actually better your chances, does it?

Right, I'm scoffing too many of Lucky's Tom & Jerry cakes and washing it down with red bush tea.. Kitchen to tidy, nails to polish, and Mr Grey to read ;)

Pic of the day: Lucky walking towards the ducks, with his collection of stones clinched in his hands