Saturday, 8 May 2010

Goodbye First Trimester - We Made It

This was our first time of seeing Lucky!! We went to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) to check that Lucky was growing in the correct place!! Thankfully he was, and there was no risk of ectopic pregnancy. Dan decided that Lucky looked like a wotsit. Its amazing looking back at it; a blob on the screen can make you soo happy! lol

Lucky at 6weeks and 4days

We then had our standard visibility scan with Nurture. Couldn't believe how much Lucky had developed. It was an internal scan so we were able to see full view of him. Thinking that everything was going well, the sonographer than asks us if a colleague can come in to double check the scan. With this being the 4th pregnancy I knew this wasn't a good sign - what was wrong, we could see Lucky, his sac and heartbeat!!? The second sonographer came in to confirm we had a blood clot (black area at the bottom right of the scan picture). We were given an appointment to return in 2weeks time and asked to wait at the reception area to speak to the Consultant! He asked if we had bled; No. He then went on to say that I could well bleed from the clot or it can be absorbed and disappear. He seemed unsure how the Clexane (blood thinning injections) would have contributed to it or whether he will keep us on it or not?! All rather confusing to be honest... Decided in the end to keep us on it, and for us to come back in two week and he will reassess it then.

Lucky at 8weeks and 4days

Low on behold 4 days later lying on the sofa (so nothing strenuous), this brown sticky blood comes pouring out. I ran to the toilet and then the clots did the tears. It was the worse experience ever. There goes Lucky - why me, why again!! I texted Dan and he called back straight away, rather calm.. a little too calm for my liking. He reminded me the Consultant said it would happen (something I forgot) umm... but it seemed so much?!! How will I know if that was normal bleed expected or not?! My head was in a mist of confusion. I called the EPAU again. They could get me in 2 days time - 2 days of waiting, worrying, heartache, tears.... The scan was done and Lucky was fine - Thank God!! They were able to do a tummy scan and he came up on the screen straight away... bouncing around. The blood clot (aka subchronic hematoma SCH) is still there... so more bleeding to come?

Lucky at 9 weeks and 3 days

Went back to Nurture for the pre-booked scan appt for them to check the blood clot. Dan wasn't able to get to this scan, but it was the most emotional for me. I couldn't believe how much Lucky had developed. I am completely in love! Nurture were happy that the blood clot had completely disappeared! No more clot - no more bleeding right??!!

Lucky at 10 week and 2 days

Well, the bleeding of brown sticky blood continued on and off. I'm not saying that in a flippant way, because every time it happened I cried and worried. It was horrible. But then it went on for 2days with the 3rd day being bright red. All over the Internet it says 'brown blood - old blood which is fine' 'red blood - fresh blood not good'. This was the first time it had turned red and I was getting a dull ache. I tried everywhere possible to get a scan; called EPAU, called my antenatal hospital, my midwife and my line manager took me to the GP. Disheartened that I couldn't get a scan for over a week and was constantly being told; if your going to miscarry it will just happen, having a scan won't help. Thanks, great news to hear!!
Back on google to find a private clinic to have a scan. Thankfully I found somewhere local who could see us that afternoon - phew!! Once again Lucky was perfectly fine. Actually he is measuring 12weeks (maybe I'm eating too much - yikes!) Maybe I will be one of those women who just bleed during the pregnancy?! My mum bled through till 9months with me, and my cousin is currently bleeding throughout her pregnancy EDD June 2010. So I am coming to the thought.. It looks like I will as well.

Lucky at 11 weeks and 3 days (measuring 12weeks)

Finally we are nearing the end of the horrible first trimester!! Been put on bed rest which has made me bored stiff, but I know its for Lucky's well-being. We had the offical 12 week scan at the hospital which was the best one so far... (they have all been great, but) Lucky was sooo active and we got to see everything; close up of his face as he looked directly into the screen (a bit scary but funny), his bottom, his arms waving around, his legs has he bounced off one side of the sac to get to the other side... It was fab!! The sonographer had a hard time getting the measurement of the back his neck for the nuchal translucency... but she finally got a still frame to get a measurement. The consultants have double checked my Protein C as they say the level of Clexane I'm on isn't high enough?! So back in two week time to get the results of the bloods, and to see if my medication needs altering.

Lucky at 12weeks and 2 days (measuring 12 weeks 6 days)

Next scan isn't till 1st July!! Yikes... that seems ages away. To get me through it, I've broken the waiting time down to 3weeks till our holiday, and then when I get back we have 3 weeks till the scan - I think I will cope! The bonus is i should start showing in a few weeks and start to feel Lucky moving around which will give me some reassurance.

Will start to do progress 'baby bump' photo's....


  1. oh my goodness. The hell you went through. Now I understand all your tweets, last week about the bleeding. Reading this traumatizes me. Im soo happy lucky is doing fine. He's getting so big:-) I cant believe how much he is growing:-)

  2. Wow! You have been through so much! I am so glad Lucky is ok!