Tuesday, 29 May 2012

FET Consultation Nurture Nottingham

We had a 20min consultation with James Hopkisson.

20min conversion cut short:
- 70% chance of successfully thawing all blastocyst
- 40% chance of a success cycle
- 40% chance of twin pregnancy
- I will visiting the clinic 7x for this cycle

Answers to my questions
Natural or Medicated Cycle.
Medicated cycles are marginally better than a natural cycle. When I ask by how much, he said its so small that he couldn't give a percentage. Plus there are no studies looking into this, so he can't say.
I can have natural cycle and buy suppositories for the LP to help line my womb, although he didn't feel it was necessary with a natural cycle

- why did we loss so many eggs through ICSI but IVF embryos thrived throughout.
He dislikes 50/50 splits, prefers patients to either go down the IVF route or ICSI route. The lose of some many eggs could have been down ICSI being more a more vigorous approach

- if we take 1 blastocyst out to thaw, but it doesn't - are we charged to thaw another blastocyst?
There is no extra charge. They are thawed on the morning of embryo transfer. If one doesn't seem to develop they can take out another and assess that.

- what is FET process and time scale?
I need to call in June CD1. The clinic arrange the paperwork and schedule me for my August cycle. Didn't go into much more detail then that. Mentioned that full details will be posted to me

- ask him to ask the success rate for the clinic.
It's approx 40%

It was nice seeing lucky visiting this amazing place that made him.. Very emotional ..

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Zita West Relaxation CD is BACK!

Dan just laughed about this and said "I see the Zita West CD is back! You falling asleep listening to it".

I loved it during my first cycle, and definitely need to relax, so I'm looking forward to listening to this again..

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Questions for IVF Consultation

Me & Dan are always firing questions to each other to ask Dr. Hopkinson but not doubt we'll forgot..

Thought I'd jot them down here - I will add to them over the next few weeks

- Natural or Medicated Cycle. Tubal factor IVF & cycles are as regular as clockwork. If natural is recommended by him, can we buy pessaries to add the womb lining?

- why did we loss so many eggs through ICSI but IVF embryos thrived throughout (if you remember we split our 21 eggs for IVF & ICSI - we loss LOADS through ICSI. Bad decision on my part :-/ )

- if we take 1 blastocyst out to thaw, but it doesn't - are we charged to thaw another blastocyst? I presume there is a small window of opportunity to complete this?!

- what is FET process and time scale?

- ask him to ask the success rate for the clinic. From looking on their website it seems to be a 43% or 50% but don't quite understand!

- how does alcohol affect FET? A month before FET starts my friend has a cocktail making party for her 30th. I don't want to miss it.. Do I have cocktails or mocktails?!

Preparing For FET

3 weeks till our consultation
8 weeks till ET - eek!


These worked wonders during my first cycle. I've sold them on, but buying them again
- Zita West
- Making Babies IVF Support

By no means do I think theses CD gave me a BFP and a must have - but, what I know they did do, was relax me, kept me focused during the cycle. So I will be using them again, in the evening before bed. I did use them in the morning and left it playing during me sleeping at night - but with luckys early wakes in the morning and during the night, I doubt that will be possible!


I didn't use this method before, but as it is a natural cycle, I think it will be useful to do now. I've been recommended Katy Henry http://www.bridgecentrederby.com/index.php?cID=157&wID=158
As FET is in July, I will start mid-late June with sessions. If anything, it will be nice to have some me time!


I cut out all crap for my last cycle and went organic wherever possible. I remember meeting up with a friend who was going through IVF ..and she ordered a Coke, yes Coke - along with a bag of crisps!! I was thinking WTF is she doing?? She can't eat that crap!! I remember coming home and telling Dan about it. How pathetic am i?! Needless to say she got a BFP on SET 1st time IVFer.. So it clearly, doesn't matter!! She said she ate crap throughout the cycle, but I think I'll go back to my healthy / organic diet, just to be on the safe side ;-)
Will also increasing my water intake..


I HATE taking tablets with a passion!! I struggle to swallow them and all a bit of a nightmare to be honest! But I will be on Conception tablets and iron tablets. I plan on speaking to my GP about requiring a higher dose folic acid and my blood clotting issues. That will will determine whether I add low dose aspirin in the mix aswell *heave*


I'm dusting down my fertility yoga DVD and running trainers! I exercise daily when I'm at work and running around after Lucky on my days off. But will try and fit in running and yoga aswell..

Monday, 7 May 2012

Egg Transfer - 1 blastocyst or 2

For the last few days me and Dan have been debating whether we put 1 blast in, or 2??! *SCREAM*

Single pregnancy
Leaves 3 blastocysts, if we want to try again

Increase chance of it not working
If it doesn't, we have to find another £1050 to do another FET cycle

More likely to get pregnant

We lose 2 blasts in one go, if unsuccessful
If successful, we have 3 children under 3
Possible chance of triplets (one blast splitting - happened to an IVF friend)
Twins could mean increase chances of complications

Really not sure what to do.. I guess the logical thing to do is go for SET (single embryo transfer)?!

*SCREAM* Consultants appointment is nearing, I need a decision soon :-/

Sunday, 6 May 2012

ICSI babies more likely to have birth defeats - Daily Mail article

Dan sent me this article this morning.

It's the Daily Mail, so let's not take it as gospel!!

Thought I'd share it