Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Confirming Pregnancy

Confirmed With Husband 19/09

Lucky woke Dan with a gift bag filled with shredded tissue paper AND a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test..

Yep, Dan finally knows!

I've been desperate to tell him but after being heartbroken with Luckys early test which was a bfn, he vowed never to do an early test again...

In Dans words "..the R***** family just got bigger" :)

Early pregnancy unit will be doing a test on Wednesday. yet another milestone to get through! :S

..and our clinic will also do betas

..this will. be a long week!

Confirmed with Nurture
...I've been contacting Nurture the last few days.. Leaving 2 messages a day.. Do I have a reply? Nothing, nada, zilch!
Typical nurture. So peed off, part of me think why should I bother calling them again..

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