Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Natural FET Diary CD4

Today we spent the day with a friend who has a daughter the same age as Lucky. They have always got on well together, but it seems terrible two's as started already! They were both as bad as each other.. Damn weather meant they were kept indoors. I think next time we'll take them to the farm for a run around!

I've thinking about acupuncture today.. Umm.. Undecided! I've emailed a few companies as I presume I need to start it ASAP! Part of me thinks this natural cycle, is just a little too natural.. Although I guess I do have progesterone to take during the 2ww. Umm, clueless :-/ I just want this to work!

Off to enjoy a mango smoothie and Mr. Grey.. ;)

Pic of the day: Lucky playing the piano! At the rate they were going, we were surprised they even sat next to each other without thumping one another... Toddler tantrums!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Natural FET Diary CD3

I called Nurture this morning, and spoke to nurse Lyndsey, who said I needed to come in on day 8 (Saturday 8th Aug) at 0730. She mentioned I would be scanned and be given clearblue sticks (I presume they give me the OV sticks!?)

I will have to change my shift as I am due to start work at 0800 but I don't think that is too much of a problem - but who knows with my shitty line manager!

I've been taking feminax as soon as my 6hrs is up, regardless whether I'm in pain or not.. Decided to leave it this morning as I was feeling fine.

Me & Lucky went for a long walk, to the park and popped to the shops.. Came home crippled in pain - doh! I pray this is my last AF - for a long long while....

I made a yummy weightwatchers no points roasted veg soup! Trying to pack in those 5 a day. Tasted divine! I'm rubbish at drinking water.. I seemed to do it fine during my last cycle, as I was so borderline with ohss and my body was pumped full of drugs! I'm trying to remember to drink a glass every other hour.. Seems to be working!

Right, Lucky's in bed, house to tidy, 30day shred, bath, zita west and then bed x

Pic of the day - yummy veg awaiting to be roasted: butternut squash, carrots, celery & pepper.. I blended it with veg stock and chilli flakes! Definitely recommended

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Natural FET Diary CD2

We've had a relaxing day today.

Enjoyed catching up with a friend this afternoon. She recently got married in Italy! We took the little ones to a pottery cafe, where Lucky and his friend painted little star plaques :) so cute!

AF has been so much better, I've had to take maximum dose of feminax ultra, but it's worked! Yay..

Feeling super positive about this cycle - why shouldn't it work?! 43% chance, why can't I be in the percentage? I'm starting the 30day shred again, will do it up until ET.

Found the FET protocol which Nurture sent me a while back.

"Day 1 telephone nurture and speak to the nurse to confirm dates ( I will do this in the morning, as my AF came on Saturday and I presume the clinic will be closed for general calls!)

Day 8-10 attend nurture for scan and blood tests, also further scans as instructed.

Urinary kit to be used if monitoring is required on a Saturday

The cryopreserved embryos will be thawed and transferred, of they survive freeze/thaw process, on a day to be advised by Nurture.

As discussed with Mr Hopkisson, from the day of embryo transfer for lyrical support please commence: cyclogest pessaries 400mg twice a day"

Pic of the day: yummy berry smoothie; strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, banana and splash of milk 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Natural FET Diary CD1

Thought I'd do a diary of each day of this FET cycle. I've enjoyed reading my IVF one, so thought i'd do it again.

I thought it was a good idea to stay up till 0100 to watch the Olympics opening ceremony.. Not the best decision when you have to be at work at 0800 - doh!

AF arrived whilst at work, so all in all I felt pretty crap!

Taken a few painkillers and went off to Nottingham Gay Pride event for work today.

Felt dreadful by 3pm so went home a few hours early. Lucky & Dan were at Lakeside Park, so arrived home to a quiet home and could enjoy a warm cup of tea!

I've taken part in the clearblue fertility monitor study, which arrived today - perfect timing!

Planned on enjoying a takeaway and movie with Dan.. But AF is so painful, feminax ultra hasn't done a thing 3hrs since taking it :(

Having an early night and hoping tomorrow is better?!

Dates should be:
Period: 28th Jul
Ovulation: 10th Aug
Blastocyst Transfer: 15th Aug
OTD: 24th Aug
EDD: 3rd May :) (PMA!)

Sunday, 22 July 2012


I've been struggling at work at the minute, extremely short staffed so the workload is near impossible.. Not getting on with my management as they aren't helping with the pressure I'm under.

Spoke to my Nan this morning, as I do every Sunday.

Asked her pray for my IVF cycle.. As with my previous, she'll be the only person I'll tell in the family.

Also mentioned to pray for me at work & my sergeant.

It made it smile telling about us doing IVF again. She sighed, and said she always prays about my fertility, but had been asking God to heal my womb so I wouldn't have to go through this..

It made me shed a tear... Bless her.

For whatever reason, it's my portion to to go through IVF .. I gave up a long time wondering why, and accepting this is it! I try not to feel feel upset or bitter towards being infertile. I'm forever grateful for my beautiful son and will do all I can to gave him a sibling. I'm undoubtedly pleased IVF worked for us and grateful for Gods gift of science that has given me a child x

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Boys Are More Likely to Result From Blastocyst Transfer after IVF

In a paper posted on Fertility and Sterility on-line, researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Reproductive Medicine Associates in New York analyze data from their center and report that blastocyst transfer results in a significant sex-ratio imbalance towards male offspring. They found that almost 58% of babies born as a result of blastocyst transfers after a fresh IVF cycle were male. Approximately 51% of all babies born in the US are male.

The analysis included 1,284 babies from 937 deliveries that took place from August 2003 to August 2005 as a result of fresh IVF cycles. Sex ratios were determined for deliveries resulting from embryos transferred on the third day of culture as well as for blastocysts transferred after five days of culture. In addition, the researchers looked at singleton births to help determine whether the practice of single blastocyst transfer might impact sex ratio.

Deliveries from embryos transferred on day three of culture exhibited a much more balanced sex-ratio, close to that of all US births: 48.8% female to 51.2% male. For singleton deliveries from day three transfers, there was no significant change in sex ratio.

However, when the data from singleton births after blastocyst transfer were analyzed, a sex ratio of 36.3% female to 63.7% male emerged.

The authors attribute the higher proportion of male offspring from blastocyst transfer to the faster preimplantation development of male embryos. Criteria for selecting blastocysts for transfer favor faster developing embryos with more cells. Most of the patients in the study who underwent embryo transfer transferred more than one embryo, increasing the chances for a more balanced sex ratio. However, the greater disparity between male and female birth rates among singletons born after blastocyst transfer indicates that the practice of selecting the single, most fully developed embryo for a single embryo transfer could lead to further and greater imbalances.
David Grainger, President of SART remarked, "This is a fascinating finding. Further research in this area will help distinguish between the effects of culture techniques and the effects of embryo selection criteria on the sex ratio of children born after blastocyst transfer. In the meantime, doctors might want to examine the sex ratios of children born from their procedures in order to be able to advise patients in case they care."

(Luna et al, Blastocyst embryo transfer is associated with a sex-ration imbalance in favor of male offspring, Fertility and Sterility, published on-line at www.fertstert.org .)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Twins?? ...HIV, Hepatitis B & C

5mins before my GP appt I glanced through my phones calendar to see what I had planned today.. Eek.. Completely forgot about the appointment!

Lucky & I drag on some clothes and rushed to the GP surgery, typically timed during rush hour & school drop-off's. Ugh..

GP wrote out the blood forms without a second thought *phew* Said the clinic can call them for the results. Huge weight of our shoulders and a bit of money saved.

Went to work that afternoon, and like every conversion at the moment we were talking about Fifty Shades Of Grey. This lead us onto my Sgt talking about the "baby boom" in 9mths. My Sgt asked if I'm having any more and I told him I didn't want my son to be any only child but we need IVF so we'll see (no.. my line manager doesn't know what I'm doing next month!) he mentioned his friends needed IVF. They had 1 daughter the first round, then the second time they got twins.. I keep hearing this: "Twins" "Twins" "Twins"

Are we doing the right thing putting two back in??! Two blastocysts.. Two blastocysts, that were part of a previous successful cycle? Then again, we could put 2 back in and bfn .. That's 2 blasts gone, compared to just 1.. Lucky worked, and he was just 1... Oh God I'm confused!!!

Just going to pray about, whatever God wants for us.. I'll leave it in his hands! Who knows he may have the lottery ready for us, so a bigger car, house etc wont be a problem :-D

Friday, 6 July 2012

Eeek IVF FET invoice bill

Received our bill for FET in the post today.. It doesn't include my suppositories & HIV/Hep blood work

All of sudden this has made me so nervous!

We spend a fortune on Lucky. After buying a 'must have' outdoor playhouse tomorrow.. That will be our spending over with!

I've ran around the house and piled a heap of Gucci heels and Tiffany jewellery I haven't worn for AGES to put on eBay this weekend.

Oh God, please make this cycle work!!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Eeek Period Has Arrived!

AF arrived today...

- Nurture want us to pay £240 for HIV, Hep B & Hep C tests. I have called our local STD clinic and they can do the test for free. But will be charged £30 for the letter to be sent to Nurture with results (HUGE savings....) I have also made a GP appointment to see if they can do the tests for me, check my iron levels & request clexane injections

- I called Nurture to inform them that I will be starting my FET next month. Just awaiting a call back from the nurse...

- eek, on the rollercoaster again next month! How am I feeling?.. Anxious, all of a sudden scared, apprehensive but also, hopeful, positive, and can't wait to give Lucky a sibling!