Monday, 10 September 2012

Natural FET Diary CD17 - Egg Transfer Day

I've woken up with butterflies in my tummy.. Anxious about this mornings call! Praying and hoping for good news

Sophie the embryologist called.. I was clinging hold of whether it was "sorry to inform you.." or "I'm pleased to say.." Thank God it was the latter. Out of the 3 IVF blastocysts that were thawed 2 survived and are of "good" quality.. (not excellent, I guess.. Do I want too much??) I've shed a tear for the one that didn't make it.. :,( I feel so attached to them - willing them all to do well. But I'll look at it from the other point of view that I have 2 good blastocysts and it only takes 1.
She did the usually script of if they remain of good quality I will be highly likely to have twins.. Etc etc etc.. I've heard it at every appointment with nurture now. We've both read up on the risks of multiple pregnancy

"Hang in there Star & Clover... please improve over the next few hours!!"

Thankfully Lucky has kept me busy this morning; been to a toddler group, organised his bits for this afternoon with MIL and just put him down for a nap.. 1hr 30mins till Star & Clover are back where they belong! Really hoping and praying they are both thriving still.

"They will both still be there and of good quality"

"They will both still be there and of good quality"

"They will both still be there and of good quality"

I'm officially an emotional wreck! I've cried the entire journey here.. I presume they would have phoned if they hadn't of survived? I can't cope... I can barely breathe.. I feel sick! Sweet Jesus, I'm a bag of nerves

What a difference an hour makes ;) I'm pregnant with 2x A grade blastocysts.. Absolutely thrilled to pieces. Star & Clover are back home where they should be. I'm in love. My family is complete.. Can't wait to see them at the scan in a few months.. Hang in there spuds xx

At home resting in bed with my crochet and novel .. It was horrible Lucky running up to me as I came through the door, asking to be picked up for a cuddle :( I'm going to try and refrain from lifting him for the first week... MIL, Dan & Lucky have gone out to give me some time to rest. Just checked my email and received a message from the embryologist with a picture of my perfect beautiful blastocyst.. Just seeing them reminded me of Lucky on ET day and during the 2ww :)
I didn't have time to write this earlier; in the theatre I had the nurse, embryologist and consultant explain that I shouldn't have them both back in due to the quality of them - if the cycle is successful I have a high chance of it being a multiple birth (twins or triplets due to them being blasts) which brings about increase chance of miscarriage, health complications, stillbirth etc etc. Talk about put you on under pressure. I ended up calling Dan (partly to get them out of the room so I could think clearly) and just to give him an update. Poor guy was half asleep still from his night shift and no idea what I was on about! We left it as; whatever is meant to be.. Will happen! Nurture weren't happy but they don't refreeze after thaw (due to lack of medical research).. So how on earth can I leave my "baby" to perish!??
Anywho.. It's done now! :) I'm on cloud 9 ... Over the moon...

Snuggle up tight Star & Clover.. Make yourself at home, you'll be there for 9mths xx

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  1. Beautiful blasts. Keep growing Star and Clover xx