Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day 4 Stimulation Scan - Gonal-f

Early morning start at Nurture for a 7:30 scan. Dan attended with me which was good for a bit of support.

Was so excited to find out what exactly what was happening inside there...

Right Ovary - 14mm 12mm 11mm 10mm 9mm plus a load of tiny ones that won't measureable
Left - 10mm 10mm 8mm and 7mm

Womb lining of 11mm

E2 2140 - whatever that means!!

Was told to wait for a call at lunchtime. Well they called at 1220 the last time so as you do, you sit around waiting for the call
Smiley and typically they don't call on (your) time!!

Was about to go into the cinemas so I called
Smiley before we got seated and found out they had spoken to the doctor and was happy with the progress and bloods. They wanted me to continue with the sniffing of Synarel and my 150iu Gonal-f injections. Whoop whoopp... everything seems okay.

9 follicles... well don't want to be greedy but i want to get into the 'teens' before EC

Anywho.... back to the injections, and the next scan will be at day 6

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