Friday, 29 January 2010

Start of the Journey ♥ Sniffing Synarel

Wow, we are actually starting this journey. We are so happy and ready to start treatment.

I have opted to sniff twice a day for DR 9am and 9pm - it works better with my shifts at work.. i think!!

Been prescribed:
Synarel (Nafarelin Acetate) Nasal Spray 60 Doses

Thought I'd go through my side-effects and feeling;

Day 1
Oh God, I hated the first day of sniffing. At first I thought 'this is just like the nasal sprays i had for hayfever' not to bad... Then as soon as I brought my head forward - YUK YUK YUK the most awful bitter taste I've ever had. After each sniff I chucked any food I had down my gob as quickly as possible Smiley anything to take the taste away. After the 9pm sniff i Twitter'd how I was feeling and thankfully I was given the suggestion of lollipop

Day 2
Before getting to work I popped to the local sweet shop and brought a lollipop, a little skeptical that it would work.. but anything is worth a true, right?! Did the sniff and keep my head tilted back for about 30secs (longer than yesterday), and then straight with the lollipop Smiley = RESULT!!! Wooo Hooo..... Thinking this sniffing is going to be somewhat bearable now, yesterday I didn't think I would get past 1 week with this.
Already??! Seems that way... I have been majorly tired today... straight after the morning sniff - felt like I had been shoot with a tranquilizer! Thankfully I came home early and have been in and out of sleep since Emoticon

DAY 3-4
Getting used to the synarel now, no need for the Smiley anymore! Awaiting for A/F to arrive .. shes due to make an appearance tomorrow - hope she comes on time so I can get my date for my baseline scan, dying to know whats happening in my tummy!! 1 more day at work then I can recharge my old batteries.
Dry skin, huge sore (.Y.) they are looking great and full though - so no major complaints and still really tired Smiley

DAY 5-6
Enjoyed a lovely day in London playing with my gorgeous niece; my little Ty Ty, taking and picking up my sister Nats from school, also fit in lunch with my mum and sister, seeing my Nan and most importantly - retail therapy. I guess I didn't think about my train times very well... Had to sniff on the train AND on the train station platform. Tried to do it as discretely as possible! Hoping no-one thought I over in the corner as a druggie - sniffing then tilting my head back Smiley must have looked a little strange - to say the least Smiley !! AF was due, had loads cramps, but she hasn't arrived yet. Just want to find out when my baseline scan will be Smiley Hope she comes today!!
Nothing, nada, nowt Smiley

Spent the day on the sofa watching all my recorded programmes on sky+, reading magazines and chilling out - perfect!! Can't find an acupuncturist in Nottingham, so help with relaxing i ordered a fertility yoga DVD and an IVF relaxation hypnotherapy CD which I'll download onto my iPhone to listen to it. Will do a review blog when I've received them. Signed up for Race for Life, really wanted to go for a 10k but if I'm pregnant don't think doing 10k will be a good idea.. so opted for the 5k race that way I can either walk it Smiley (if i get my BFP) or I'll try and better my time and run it Smiley (*whisper* if i get a BFN).
A week of DR today... its going well, side effects are pretty minimal - so I don't think I'll to bad for my DH when I'm menopausal

DAY 10
Back to work now... I was fine during my rest days but I've been back for two days and I am absolutely exhausted!! Smiley I must admit I have done NOTHING productive at work this weekend.. I keep saying to myself its because its the weekend, and I'll get loads of jobs done come Monday.. well we shall see!! Me and DH have done our 1st all organic food shop and had a treat each, i got a Banoffee cheesecake - not organic but God it was calling me to take it off the fridge (if you have a Sainsburys' close by... its a must!!) soooo lush, only downer is that I've eaten my weekly treat on the 1st night... oh well, I eat it as slow as possible to make it last Smiley . Oh yea, still no bloody AF! Was out on patrol for work and picked up a HPT, went back to the station to do the business... but BFN. Was i surprised?? Not really, none of the usual symptoms that I usually get when I'm pregnant was there so God knows where AF has disappeared to! Going to give the clinic a call in the morning and see what they say ... what's plan B if you can't get past first base of IVF... More so annoyed with myself, that maybe this cycle just isn't meant to be... maybe IVF isn't meant to be... oh gosh, I'm getting tearful Smiley haven't felt upset about the IVF process for weeks. Really hope my clinic have solution for me. One more morning shift, then I'm on evenings and nights... can't wait for the lie-ins, I'm struggling getting up so early in the morning... Smiley
Don't know if this is really to do with the synarel, but my boobs are about to burst! They are huge, firm, sore, tender with nipples like bullets - ouch!!! Smiley

DAY 12
Great news AF arrived yesterday Smiley About time too, having me waiting!! It does explain the tears on day 10 though... At this point I am exhausted! My anaemia is low, I'm on my period so it will decrease again.. I've got 101 things on at work, but not getting around to any of them Smiley In the canteen at work I just had to curl up on the sofa and rest for my lunch break Smiley Back on the iron tablets!

Woke up with tummy cramps, so brought the duvet down to watch some GMTV, catch up with my Sky+ programmes, have brekkie and snuggle up with a hot water bottle... Low on behold I feel this scalding hot water run everywhere.. urgh... the water bottle burst.. great Smiley !! Now I've got a burnt leg, soaking wet sofa and duvet. So i result to the floor and then realise I don't know how to work the new TV... you'd think it would be relatively easy.. either the remote or manually on the ON switch is usually a good start.. well it doesn't want to play Smiley . DH's cleaning OCD has annoyed me this morning... can't find anything... normal people don't live in a show home... i can't any of my stuff.. then realise he has stuffed all my paperwork and mags in a holdall on top of the waredrobe... i've lost it Smiley Great start to the day or what!! Think I'll go back to bed for a couple of hours Smiley and start the day again - hopefully it will get better!?!
Emotional wreck... more so down to AF I guess. Boobs are getting back to normal though, slowly but surely. A lot less painful today

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