Monday, 22 February 2010

Last Scan - Day 9 Stimulation Gonal F - Trigger Shot

Is it possible to start getting use to the early morning scans?? Well I am now, my body has no energy what so ever, feel like a walking zombie!!

Was quite surprised that my clinic did Saturday scans, and there was a fair few couples there aswell. Dan attended this scan with me, which was nice as it was the last scan - yikes!!

Had my bloods taken, and was given leaflets about the final trigger injection and preparing for EC, then went around for our scan. There was only one person doing the scans, so we had a little wait but it was fine.

Started with the womb lining, then the left ovary, which was fine. But then as she moved the dildocam over to the right ovary... i was in sooo much pain, tears started running down my cheeks. It was okay once the dildocam was positioned over there, but initially moving it to the right caused so much agony!!

Usually there is the scan person (sorry don't know the technical name!!) and a nurse.. So the scan lady would shout of the sizes of the follicles and the nurse would be writting away, and reassuring us. Well this didn't happen with only one person, she obviously had to do all the work herself, and when we asked 'How many follicles do we have', she replied 'Yeah, everything is fine'. DH mimed to me ask again... i did but this time she just ignored me...

We left the room with our notes to give back to the receptionist. At this point we had a look at our scan results

Right Ovary - 24mm, 19mm, 19mm, 19mm, 18mm, 18mm, 18mm, 17mm, 15mm, 14mm, 14mm, 13mm and 12mm
Left Ovary - 16mm, 16mm, 15mm, 13mm, 13mm, 11mm, 10mm, 10mm, 10mm and 9mm

Whoop 23 follicles...
Smiley thats lots of lovely juicy eggs for us!!
Womb lining 16mm

Somewhat forgot I was awaiting a call from Nuture, so when the nurse called I was at work, and had to quickly scrable for a pen!! Why is it whenever you need a pen, you never can find one!!

Anyway, I was told:
EC will be on Monday at 0930
Take my last sniff at 1930
No more gonal-f instead I will have my trigger shot at 2130

The night before EC I won't be able to eat after midnight, and no drinking after 0630 on the morning of EC
Phew... alot to take in, but i got there in the end!!

Then I realised i didn't have my trigger shot at work with, thankfully Dan was still at home, so he brought it to work for me. Ripped of my details off the box (noisy parkers at work), and put it to the back of my work fridge hiding behind my dinner!

Was panicked about doing the trigger shot, and Dan had done a majority of the injections and I had to do this one by myself!

Hid myself in the ladies changing room with my antispetic wipe and injection - thankfully it was so easy, and didn't hurt at all. I didn't even realise it went in!

Looking forward to a drug free day tomorrow

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