Tuesday, 2 March 2010

3 Days Post Blast Transfer (pic of 5 day hatching blast aka Lucky)

8 more sleeps till Official Test Day!!! - Woooo Hooo

I woke up with Dan this morning at 4:30 and by 5 the cramps started. There was no way I could just go back to sleep with them so I ended up going downstairs and watched GMTV (very boring today!!). Thankfully the cramps stopped about 9 ish. Only to start again an hour or so later. So they are definitely lasting a lot longer now!! Had a few weird 'twinges' which I haven't experienced before, but the best word to describe it is a twinge that went from the right side over to the left side.. Didn't hurt or anything.. but happened twice. Strange.. maybe its nothing, but with this 2ww you end up over analysing anything!!

I have still been really wanting a picture of Lucky, so thought I'd call the Embryologist and ask if they had picture. She said she will email me a picture of Lucky after lunch time!! Exciting or what!! I was obviously checking the iPhone every hour from 10am although she obviously said after lunch. I had a few moments of excitement when I saw I had a new email but it was either Dan or my Mum!!! ...as promised I received THEE email..

This is our Lucky!! A beautiful 5 day hatching blast - We love you sooo much, Lucky!! I can't stop smiling whenever I see this picture

  • Sore boobs

  • Cramps - lasting 2+ hours with weird twinges

Lucky, I'm hoping all these cramps are a positive thing and your settling into your new home. Daddy has been making me laugh so much since he came home from work... i hope i haven't been unsettling you!! He can be so silly at times...

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  1. Aww yay!! I can't imagine the excitment you are feeling right now!!