Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CD11 Nurse Update - ET Booked!

I decided to have a lastminute annual leave day, I'm absolutely exhausted and the weather was nice for us to have a family day together. We had a lovely day at Elvaston Castle & Country Park which Lucky enjoyed :)

Nurse called at lunch..
1) No more scans; they are happy with my cycle, womb lining progression and my body seems to be ovulating naturally. We are booked in to have ET on Monday (CD17)

2) I need to start the cyclogest on Thursday, using 1x twice a day (which will be CD13)

3) Continue taking using the clearblue digital opk and call them when I have a surge

4) the embryologist will call on Saturday. I presume this is to discuss the quality and quantity we want transferring... Still none the wiser!!

5) come in tomorrow to sign consent forms and we'll need to give them results for the HIV, Hep B & C bloods

6) Asked whether I'm taking folic acid.. Umm for the last year or so!

Phew, I had to try and remember all that whist Lucky was screeching for his banana... I think that's all??!

Monday's ET seems a little premature?? I haven't ovulated yet, and it's meant to be 5 days after oV as they are 5 day blastocyst!!? Don't quite understand that.. I'll do a opk tomorrow and if it's not positive I'll ask at the appointment

Can't believe it! I'll be PUPO this time next week :D

I hope & pray this works x

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