Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Natural FET Cycle Diary CD12 - Ovulation!!!

We had a 9am appointment with nurture to go through our consents form. Made the mistake of not bringing the pushchair so Lucky was touching everything; wanting to "sign" the forms, answer the phone, use the keyboard... The nurse gave him the pleasure of switching of the lights as we left the room - typical little boy; into everything! I explained my concern about the ET booked in on Monday, and lack of positive ovulation. The nurse took my notes through to the doctor but returned saying they were expecting me to OV today and sure I'll ovulate soon so won't be scanning me or taking my bloods. Slightly peed off, but hey...

Just had a 10hr shift at work and definitely felt more CM and tummy tingles today so tested when I got home....

Eek they were right!! I'm ovulating :)

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