Monday, 3 September 2012

Natural FET Cycle Diary CD10 - Busy Bee

Just got back for the CD10 scan.. All looking good

Womb lining 9mm
Follicle 19mm
Triple endometrium

Bloods were taken, will get call later today. They gave me clearblue digital ovulation sticks to start tomorrow. Afraid I had to bring Lucky with me :( I'm sure a few women didn't appreciate that.. But there's no-one to watch him *sigh* hope I didn't upset anyone too much :-/

Now back home to give Lucky a proper breakfast and need to...
1. Get a copy of our HIV & hepatitis blood results from the GP
2. Collect cyclogest from ASDA pharmacy
3. Get to The Range to buy card for Luckys cbeebies birthday card I need to make
4. Then start a night shift at work..

Just call me superwoman!

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