Saturday, 1 September 2012

Natural FET Cycle CD8 - Nearly Ready!

It's been an early start with Lucky deciding to start the day at 5am and me not getting to sleep till 1am - Eek.. I wish I drank coffee...

Dan finished work an hour early and watched Lucky whilst I went to Nurture.

As I drove to Nurture, I was getting tearful and emotional.. Slightly anxious now! I'm usually googling and on fertility friends / nurture forum every day over analysing everything ... But this week I've done none of that. More than likely due to Dans fiasco last month!

I had a scan to check the womb lining and my ovaries. She said the lining should be at 8mm for ET and it's 8.1mm already! I have a large follicle on my left ovary, which is normal as its a natural cycle and I will ovulate from that ovary.

I then went through to have bloods to check the hormonal surge. I will get the results back at lunchtime.

I'm over the moon :) its also our wedding anniversary today!

Now I need to dig out that cyclogest prescription and hopefully get some today :)

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